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MijnCoachlijn (MyCoachLine)

For everything that matters to you and your work

Are you running into things that you can’t solve by yourself and that hinder you in your work? There are countless reasons why you might feel stuck. A high workload, not feeling comfortable in your team, or any number of private circumstances. Or maybe you're worried about returning to the office now that the corona regulations are easing up.

Recognizing that you need someone to help you is a very important step, so well done. We are happy to help you get the right support.

You can contact us by telephone: 085 020 80 30 or our call-back form. After the first intake by a psychologist, we will match you to the coach who best suits you and your situation. Together you can determine what you need to.

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Please fill out your details. We will call you back for an intake when it suits you.

Gingermood meets strict privacy requirements and will treat your personal information confidentially.

About us

MijnCoachlijn is a collaboration between ArboNed and Gingermood, aimed at quickly and effectively supporting employees who get stuck.

About ArboNed

ArboNed helps SME entrepreneurs with all (preventive) occupational health and safety issues so that they too can do what they do best: doing business. Every day, we are ready to help 61,500 employers and over 600,000 employees. Our professionals reduce absenteeism, minimise occupational risks, and ensure healthy, motivated, and competent employees. Knowing what a company is like is our starting point. With our (legally required) analysis tools, we provide insight, advice, and practical solutions that demonstrably contribute to people’s health and vitality. Because with vigorous people, entrepreneurs can achieve their goals and realise their ambitions. In short: healthy entrepreneurship.

About Gingermood

Gingermood is specialised in making the best match between coach and coachee. They do this using a matching tool that they have developed in collaboration with the UvA. Based on dozens of variables concerning cognition and personality, this tool calculates what coach is the best match for a particular person. It has now been proven that the better the connection between coach and coachee, the more effective the coaching process, and the better you can be helped. Consequently, this way of matching offers considerable added value.


For what may I call?
You may contact MijnCoachlijn for all questions you have as a working person. This may include worries and stress about:

  • an imbalance between work and private roles when working from home with children around
  • excessive workload
  • having trouble letting go of work
  • private circumstances
  • contamination and the health of yourself or your loved ones
  • insufficient connection to the work
  • whether you will still have (enough) work in the future
  • gloominess due to reduced social contacts/loneliness
  • the future in general
  • worried about the near future, going back to work, letting go of the corona regulations
  • struggling with finances due to loss of income

When is MijnCoachlijn not the right helpline for me?

If you are already in an absenteeism program with your health and safety service. MijnCoachlijn is also not intended to help address business continuity issues of employers.

Will my employer be notified that I have called?

Your employer will not be informed about the first intake, but will be informed after you’ve been referred to a coach and want to start a coaching program. We’ll only refer you with your permission. Your employer offers this service to support employees and (usually) pays for the coaching program that follows. With your explicit permission, your employer will be notified that you have contacted us and will be sent a quotation for the coaching program. By law, we are prohibited to share any details of what is discussed during the intake or the follow-up program with your employer. Anything you discuss with us and/or your coach is confidential.